Asian Artifacts Collection

The Asian Artifacts Collection is one of our most recently completed projects. The objects which DFAC cares for belong to a variety of different departments, this collection is part of the Special Collections & Archives department of the library.

For several years History interns have been helping process collections. Margaret Granbery completed this project in the Spring of 2009. The collection contains a wide range of objects which would be of interest to art, Asian studies, geography and history students.

To see a complete guide to the collection please visit the new Special Collections & Archives website.

Janho Collection

This collection of antiquities was donated by Khalil A. Janho, Class of 1975. The collection came to Furman in 1985. Much of his remaining personal collection was looted by the Israeli government. This collection includes oil lamps from 3100 BC through 1000 AD. There are also a number of small pots or jars, beads, and other small tools. The collection is on exhibition in Daniel Memorial Chapel, but is available for classroom use.

Coin Collections

There are two coin collections that span both time and space. Thanks to the hard work of Sam Robinson and Victoria Minker, Furman History Interns, these collections are fully processed, researched, and available for browsing and teaching.
The Kilberg Coin Collection has coins from around the world. The majority are Roman coins with some beautiful royal portraits. The other coins in the collection are more modern but come from across Europe and South/Central America.

The Janho Coin Collection is made up of coins from the Roman Empire, mainly those minted in the Provence of Arabia.

Memorabilia Collection

Thanks to the kind donations of generations of Furman students, there is now an ever growing collection of university memorabilia. The collection includes t-shirts, hats, mugs, bumper stickers, class rings, fraternity pins and so much more. The objects within this collection represent the current campus as well as those which Furman previously called home. The Greenville Woman's College also has a substantial collection of memorabilia.

If you or someon you know has Furman University Memorabilia you no longer wish to care for, please consider making a donation to this collection. See donor information below.

Cherrydale Collection

Cherrydale Alumni House offers visitors a glimpse into the diverse collection managed by the Decorative and Fine Arts Committee. Thanks to the original members of DFAC, Cherrydale has been designed to reflect the historic period when the Furman Family called the farm house home. Alumni donors have added to the furnishings of the house, which is open to the public during working hours.

For more information about the history or visiting of Cherrydale, please visit the Cherrydale website.

Educational Aids

The University Collections Manager and the University Archivist are pleased to offer guest lectures or artifact teaching aids. We are happy to work with professors from any department on the integration of art and artifacts into lectures. Classes can be held in the Pitts Room or the Simms Research Room of James B. Duke Library, or the artifacts can be brought to the classroom for an individual class period. If professors are interested in "field trip" options we can check the availability of holding classes in Cherrydale or White Oaks.

For more information regarding DFAC resources and artifacts or to learn more about the educational resources available, please contact:

University Collections Manager, Elizabeth McSherry

University Archivist & Special Collections Librarian, DebbieLee Landi

Donor Information

The Decorative & Fine Arts Committee is happy to assist those interested in donating fine or decorative arts to Furman University. Donations of art, antiques, and other decorative objects will need to be approved by the committee before acceptance. The committee needs images as well as detailed information regarding all possible donations.

If you are interested in offering a donation to Furman University please contact the University Collections Manager at:
Phone: 864-294-2392